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It's time to invest in yourself and focus on nurturing your own development. We promise to teach you everything we know about self defence to protect yourself and your loved ones. In return, your time and commitment are your most important pieces of equipment and we ask that you bring them to every session. Have fun, meet new people and change your life in a positive way.

Build a Powerful You


Want to see what success looks like?

Check out 4 inspirational people who transformed their bodies and changed their lives. If they can do it then why can't you?

Why Krav Maga Academy Is The Right Fit for You?

You are, no doubt, a high achiever in many respects. Hardworking and professionally driven, you provide and care for those around you. However, your success in these areas has required maximum output from you in ways that have been costly to both your health and your identity.

Staying active to a degree is one thing but, in truth, you don't know how to achieve the results you desire, the results you deserve. There is no blame or shame to be dealt, you're no different to any academy member that has walked through our doors. You've devoted everything to building the foundations of a happy life: this might be your family, your career or your home.

Imagine if you turned that same love and attention to yourself: that's YOU. It's by prioritising yourself, the maker of your own life, that you create a masterpiece.

Investing in yourself is the new goal and it would be a privilege for us to walk beside you on this journey.

Take control and get ready to greet your true self, empowered and fuelled to live a life without limits.

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Eddie Avatar

"I neglected myself... I dedicated 10 years of my life to my career at the detriment of my health. I started to look in the mirror and not recognise the person I was seeing."

Eddie 50, Medway

Brenda Avatar

"I was concerned I wouldn't be good enough or strong enough... I was hooked straight away, absolutely loved it... as a female walking in, you don't have to worry about the egos of alpha males. It's a very friendly, welcoming environment."

Brenda 43, Medway

Glenn Avatar

"The biggest thing that I did notice after going to other clubs, is there was no egos. You know, there're big guys, there're small guys, there're women. They were here to train well and also help everyone else out so you felt part of a club."

Glenn 45, Boxley