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Medway venue

Founded in 2013, the Krav Maga Academy is the only full-time centre in the UK solely dedicated to teaching Krav Maga and fitness training. Over the last decade, Piotr (Director of Training) has honed his passion with guidance from the most prolific Krav Maga Experts in the world including, Eval Yanilov - the closest student to Imi Lichtenfield, the Krav Maga system's founder.

"After three years of running classes across Kent, we found ourselves outgrowing the hired halls we were teaching in - we knew we could do more. We designed and built this academy because we needed a space to grow. A whole centre solely dedicated to sharing the benefits of Krav Maga with adults and children through a combination of self defence and fitness classes available 6 days a week!"

Consistently delivering Krav Maga training of the highest quality means the Academy Team hosts some of the UK's most prestigious Krav Maga workshops for modern threat response, instructor development and technical gradings. In 2016, Piotr and Andrzej Marczak led a Training Summit that brought together 10 Krav Maga teams from all over the UK.

training summit

The Promise

we'll keep it real

As a system, it's simply perfect. Krav Maga has naturally evolved and will continue to do so alongside the modern world. Yet, the core beliefs remain as relevant now as they were in 1948, and the real-world experience of Krav Maga training will always be the most effective way to learn self defence.