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Medway venue

The Krav Maga Academy offers 10 classes a week delivering self defence and fitness training. At the heart of this Academy is our Medway Headquarters. Built solely for our instructor team and members to grow, have fun and share the benefits of Krav Maga.

No two journeys are the same, that's why we keep our membership options flexible. You'll find the right one for you but first, you need to book your trial session - no strings attached. It doesn’t cost a lot to achieve your self-defence or fitness goals at the Academy. For a monthly fee, you get far more than you’d expect. Come in and see our unique training space and meet your instructors.

You can book a trial session here or download our training guide to find out more:

book trial session training guide


If you choose to join our Academy after your trial session, you can start attending our regular weekly classes immediately, just like any other member. You'll also be invited to attend a Krav Maga Fundamentals Workshop for beginners. This workshop is complimentary and exclusively for beginners, a chance for you to nail the basics, ask those "silly" questions and accelerate your introduction to Krav Maga training whilst attending regular classes alongside our other members.

Training includes:

  • How to recognise, prevent and physically deal with dangerous situations
  • Self-defence and the law
  • Learning how to protect yourself and loved ones
  • Advanced fitness regime for fat loss and stress relief
  • Dealing with common weapon threats including knives, bats and sticks

The Krav Maga Academy is one of a kind - a fully equipped training facility. Complete with front row seats for visitors to watch through the windows onto our training mats.

You'll be learning in a safe, friendly and passionate environment. We have fun but, we also have a strict policy - no egos allowed. Every member who joins brings their own story, you might be a complete novice or have dabbled in a form of martial arts before. You might just be looking to improve your fitness or boost your confidence, enhance your strength or you've heard of Krav Maga and you're ready to learn self-defence skills.

Gillingham HQ Timetable


Unit A, Elm Court, Capstone Road, Gillingham, ME7 3JQ

Timetable for Medway Venue

For our kids and teens timetables please go to our Kids Martial Arts page.