Krav Maga Grading System

Photo of badges and certificate.

Our Kent Krav Maga Academy is totally unique, and so are our members. Which is why we tailor our sessions to suit a range of abilities. Everyone here is on a different journey and no two are the same. Some joined out of curiosity (which is why we offer a trial session), and others are looking for a fun and social way to improve their fitness. There are also members who have experienced a fear-provoking situation that left them with the desire to know how to defend themselves.

The Krav Maga System

Practitioner Levels (1-5)

The Practitioner Levels are at the very core of the Krav Maga system. Alongside learning fundamental self-defence techniques against common attacks, you will also learn how to verbally, physically and mentally carry yourself to deal with a potentially dangerous confrontation. You can also expect us to work together on improving your fitness, fighting skills and mental stamina.

Practitioner badge.

Graduate Levels (1-5)

Using your Practitioner level training as a foundation, the Graduate levels allow you to refine and enhance your skill knowledge. As a Graduate, you can decide how to progress in your journey. You never know, you could be a future instructor.

Graduate badge.

Expert Levels

Reaching the Expert Levels, you’ll be a high level instructor. By this time, you will have mastered Krav Maga but, like everything, there is always room to learn more. Alongside Krav Maga training, they will have specialised and assisted in areas of the Military, Police and Special Units.

Expert badge.

How We Grade

We don’t hang around. Within just 3-6 months of training, you could be ready to achieve your first grading. More often than not, we find our students are MORE than ready to grade. Here’s a brief overview of the Krav Maga Grading System:


These classes are always a lot of fun. More often than not, there’ll be a new face at every class. So we like to work on the basic skills and get them right every time.


Using your beginners training, in these classes you’ll be dealing with more complex situations like facing multiple attackers, protecting your loved ones and disarming weapons.

Mixed Abilities

In these sessions, all levels come together for a mixed abilities class. By doing so, we can make sure that no matter how far you progress, the fundamental skills are never forgotten. It’s also a chance for those used to beginner sessions to partner with more experienced Practitioners and get a taste of the advanced techniques you’ll be working towards.