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Krav Maga Academy Maidstone

Instructor team for Maidstone and West Malling.

Krav Maga will help you achieve your own goals, whether you're looking to enhance your fitness, your strength or develop your mindset to deal with highly pressured situations. At the Krav Maga Academy in Kent, you'll find a fun, safe and professional environment to train in and likeminded people to train with. Just like you, our members are looking to make a change in their life that sits outside of the ordinary way to get fit. With multiple membership options for you to choose from, there is the perfect krav maga training package for you.

Join your nearby Krav Maga Maidstone self defence and fitness class. Discover a new way to get fit, challenge yourself and learn highly effective self defence techniques that might just save your life. Taught by our highly qualified instructors you can learn the world's most popular self defence fighting system in a safe and motivational environment. This is an opportunity for you to train your mind and body to respond quickly and effectively to maximise the impact of your natural reactions in a dangerous situation.

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